Located in Southern Minnesota

Whimsical Whitetails is located in Southern Minnesota, one of the premier big buck hunting locations. We are located approximately 60 Miles South of the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport. We are also one hour West of the Rochester Intl Airport and The Owatonna Degner Regional Airport is located only 5 miles away.

This area is known for its vast amounts of forests and abundance of food, which makes this a prime habitat for whitetail deer.

Whimsical Whitetails offers the ideal environment for harvesting trophy whitetails. Our hunting grounds consists of rugged hardwood forest, deep valleys, brushy areas, open fields and food plots which serve to maintain our big buck population. For the optimal maturing of our bucks and to allow us to better manage our whitetail herd, the perimeter is controlled by a high game fence.

Whimsical whitetails has the four key ingredients for a quality deer herd. You must have genetics, habitat, food and a good age structure to produce monster bucks and superb whitetail deer hunting.

Whimsical Whitetails is a family operated deer preserve on private land. We pride ourselves in making our hunters feel at ease with quality home cooked meals and a down home environment. We work full-time to make your trophy hunting trip an excellent experience.

Three Bucks in the woods